Digitaal was formed early in 2011 by Francois du Preez, former Digital Creative Director and Co-founder of the Firehouse group. Coming from a medium sized agency we found that corporate governance, massive overheads and internal red tape can be very frustrating when developing websites & online campaigns. Not only does this slow the process down but also forces the client to pay much more than necessary. There is also the problem of “broken telephone” and a lack of accountability when one works with so many people.

The idea behind Digitaal is to keep it simple, direct and affordable. Where a client cannot afford something that we recognise as a definite need, we will gladly explore open source options to keep the costs down. We want to assist all our clients in achieving online success by any means necessary & because we are a small operation we take full accountability for everything we do – We will not pass the blame and shrug our shoulders if things go wrong.

Although Digitaal is a relatively new company we have years of experience in digital, marketing and design. We have worked on numerous local and international brands in our private capacities or whilst with other agencies.

Some of the brands we have worked on include: Mutual & Federal, Sasria, Thai Airways, Tiger Brands, Numatic international, Walter Sisulu Paediatric cardiac foundation, the smile foundation and many more.

We believe in close, long lasting relationships and partnering with our clients with a common goal in mind at all times. We might think in code but we speak plain old English – our goal is to help our clients, not confuse them into massive bills. Approach us with your problems and we will give you sensible solutions.